Blackheath Halls Orchestra Spring 22 Concert

SUN 27 FEB 7pm | Great Hall

Mélanie Bonis Suite en Formes de Valse
Franz Liszt Les Préludes (S. 97 Symphonic Poem No. 3)

About Mélanie Bonis | A true story of creative triumph over adversity

Melanie’s journey to a professional in music was a bumpy one. Her parents did not initially encourage her music making, but were eventually persuaded by a professor at the Paris Conservatoire to let her receive formal lessons, where she studied alongside Claude Debussy. Her tutors at the Conservatoire we immensely impressed by her music, despite her being in such respected company.

After marrying a wealthy man 22 years her senior, for whom she took on huge domestic responsibilities, it was very difficult for her to find the space and support for her music making. When she did write she felt it necessary use the more androgynous form of her first name, “Mel”. She eventually rekindled a relationship with a singer from the conservatoire, Hettich, with whom she had an illegimate child that had to be taken away from her.

Her music is always very carefully crafted, often very elegant, with the feeling that there are deep wells of emotion underneath that charming surface. The Suite the orchestra are playing is a collection of waltzes, originally for piano duet.

TICKETS: £12 | £6 under 12s
Running Time: approx. 60 mins

Dates and times

This event finished on 27 February 2022.

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